Saturday, June 13, 2015

Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles PT.3 (The Struggle Is Real)

 It's going down!!  check out these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles; naysayers asked; who was reached?

Like the Democratic Party vs Obama who are you rolling with? I had to break from the fake after I peeped game / visualized the sequence!! some had to pump brakes, now tires screeched..

Obama beseeched fellow Democrats to go along with the Pacific Rim trade deal but it was something they couldn't feel so they want to change it..

Drama from Facebook spills over to real life as fanatics post every move they make, now their life is a mess and they're ready to change it..

Please!! face to face with a crook? I'm a Louisville / Newburg brotha, so there could be guilt by association, sideways / side eye glances were recieved like I was a crooked Negro!!

Meanwhile  street funk is dropped per hooklines and my own beats  per the George Clinton school of music!! O-Zone? he wasn't trying to lose it but he learned the Lord is in control;  excess baggage? some things I let go..

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