Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life Goes On / We'll Keep Running This Marathon

We're out in the mainstream of mathematics doing the mathematics!! we're figuring out the equation...

Who's on your team, just a bunch of fanatics? at the end of the day? check out the drama!!  through pleasure or pain they're architects of the instigation..

Who's measuring with the same gauge? numbers are probably off by more than six degrees of separation..

Life Goes On!!  soon we hit the critical stage of development, who's bearing witness to confusion and frustration?

Life Goes On!!  my mind will engage like Twitter vs Bobby Jindal!!  my finances are like Arrested Development's Mr. Wendal!!  they already call me a hot mess..

Life Goes On!!  this is word from a don't stop get it getter!! I pulled out the good word and the drum after I was put to the test..

No rest for a brotha!!  from Charleston to Baltimore / Ferguson don't you see how it's working? No Justice No Peace was the catch phrase!!  plus we heard We Shall Overcome Like The Negro Spiritual..

Haters will try to front; what are they starting?  when we respond with this breakbeat science they're saying what we bring is Hazardous Material..

What we have is spiritual, but we're still under attack like Syria dealing with the Islamic State... 

What it do? life goes on but the toil and strife goes on too!!per Dylann Roof, George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson types we still deal with the hate!!

What it do? life goes on!! it's not too late, as long as we have breath we keep running this marathon!!

What it do? life goes on!! haters will still debate like Republicans vs Obamacare, but we still take it there!! once again it's on!!

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