Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (Rolling With A West Coast State Of Mind)

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, Incognegro like Ludacris, but I had a *West Coast State Of Mind* I was going for mine while security was asleep..

Earlier?  dipping down I-80 in Oakland, I see the Golden State Warriors got open!! now check the steelo!! rocking my Adidas, a San Francisco tourist t-shirt and some South Pole jeans!! repping the Bay Area, check the scenario; appearance is everything? this is how I creep..

I didn't creep  while West Coasting I was moving quickly!!  out in Richmond, Berkley, Hayward, San Francisco and San Jose!! it was like the New Horizons spacecraft out by Pluto the way I'm *Blasting Through The Universe*

....At A High Velocity With The Speed You Need!! intergalactic with it!! but *Just Passing Through*  reversing the curse...

My priority? bring you up to speed "you can't catch what you can't understand" like Donald Trump using a Neil Young song!!

Some people won't catch it "they need to stop chasing" answering to the worshipful master as a freemason, but reality still thumping them upside the head!! when I was real young I knew some of these peeps *ain't right*  / they were wrong!!

Some will catch it, what? the Vapors per Biz Markie as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie, down here in Atlanta where the truth will be?  please!! on the witness stand Negroes run off at the mouth!!  snitches end up with stitches was the cliche..

Some will catch it, what? hell per Natalie Cole!! I see how some of these jokers roll!! my cousin from Oakland said Atlanta was the House Negro Capitol Of The World;  sometimes I wonder as I see how some folks play..

Some will catch it, what? hell!! when some try to get free and stay free Hunger Games Peacekeepers from the Capitol got in the way..

Some will catch it, what? hell!! you know the devil will creep up on us!! you know how they play!!

Some will catch it, what? hell!!  they needed more players like the Cleveland Cavaliers meanwhile we found a way!!  dipping down I-20 in Atlanta with a West Coast state of mind!! actually? Intergalactic with it / Universal!! the Mothership used for transportation..

Chilled out on Saturn while  scientists try to recognize the pattern; authorities worldwide try to figure out the transformation..

Meanwhile we come through,  rolling down I-20 listening to Devotion by Earth Wind and Fire, next up is Zanzibar

Next up? Times Are Changing By Brass Construction, my mind traveling like I was on I-80 in Oakland, getting open as these haters keep raising the bar..

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