Tuesday, June 23, 2015

BreakBeat Scientific With It / Doing What We Do PT.2

 Welding torch used to spark this!!  I put the helmet on, now repairs are made...

Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering to Rebuke the Social Engineering, after truths or dares were made..

Breakbeat scientific with it; Clearing the cache!!  Clear like Cybotron!! not drinking that "clear" like football and baseball players...

Doing What I Do!! I was just taking old dudes advice!! he said to Play On Players..

Doing What We Do! but in Babylon? It's easy to get played!!  like in Charleston, the home of racism the situation is out of control!! per Dylann Roof? ear shattering gunshots exploded...

It's easy to get sprayed in the drive by; *The Situation Is Out Of Control*  plus bankers provide proof as they crush the American Dream; will they help or has benevolence eroded? 

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