Monday, June 15, 2015

We're Making A Jack Move

We're making a jack move, swinging the Sonic BlackJack, dropping mathematics about these New Type Gangsters, like those supporting the  Obama Trade Agenda? we call out pretenders by waxing poetic....

That's why we had to come with these Chronicles, the response to these and those out here; these sonic defenders deliver the  justice that's poetic..

These days? the lifestyle is hectic!! but we keep fighting back like Golden State Warriors while Cleveland Cavalier types have the whole game twisted...

Who are you rolling with? on the Illuminati roles of membership?  businessmen, politicians, clergy, even newscasters are listed..

They're controlling it!! they've got us in a chokehold like Eric Garner!! we can't breathe!!  the smoke and mirrors are thick!!

It wasn't cool at all; no Happy Days like Richie and Fonzi!! brothas were facing litigation like Pharrell and Robin Thicke!

I wasn't a fool at all; I *Visualized The Sequence / Figured The Cipher Out*  now putting messages in the songs..

Playing the I brought out the drumkit  after we *Figure The Cipher Out* the rights / the wrongs..

A media pundit will try to tell us how right or wrong it is; some get caught out there playing roles like Rachel Dolezal..

Those impeding it will tell you to run it!! they'll steal your joy!! they'll steal your aura with tales of horror and terror!! coping strategies will fail!!

Defeating it? ISIS terrorists flex in Iraq, they say they're "down by law" when they're creation is still under analysis..

O-Dog's funk is like James Brown's Superbad!! O-Zone is retro-futuristic!! .on the cutting edge, plus we use math from back in the day!! breakbeat scientific methods to fight the paralysis!!

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