Saturday, June 27, 2015

Crisis Management PT.3 (Dealing With The Madness)

Going in / getting it in; this is crisis management, but as soon as we enter attack zones, like Richard Matt shot up in New York ear shattering gunshots exploded..

*Ain't nothing nice* about this, so how will we manage it? Fighting back with the Sonic Assault; O-Zone might sing Amazing Grace like Obama while  O-Dog brought the drum;  to the sound he's devoted..

O-Zone voted on putting messages in the songs;  the measure passed like Obama's Pacific Rim trade bill!!

Playing keyboards!! Yamaha pianos / typing this on IBM / HP keyboards;  BreakBeat Science?  that's what we came back with!! some know the deal!!

Plus I brought my drums; it's my way of *Dealing With The Madness*  somebody has to show you....

I was all up in the spot where *Reason Gave Way To Madness*  but I left those premises!! somebody told me to succeed, they said some one has to know you!!

....But somebody has to know what your going through per this crisis!!  when I was posted up the arch nemesis was back on the premises plus he invited his friends!! they wanted to see me come undone!!

Elections are just around the corner!! Republican candidates make empty promises plus the apparatus makes us jump through hoops!! but we fight back with funky loops; O-Dog had to pull out the drum...

On the frontlines?  we deploy troops to fight this spiritual warfare; this is part of our crisis management! what it do? what it does? we had to Roll Up With A Small Army....

"Spotted the rockets red glare" what it do? what it does? "bombs burst in the air" like gunfire in Charleston churches, we see how they'll work this!! no justice no peace? we had to learn the hard way...

Old dude said *Play On Player*  that was my orientation per Louisville / Newburg default settings! but I had to learn the hard way; dealing with the wise / otherwise?  *You'll Get Played*

Gamblers Are Out For A Fast Buck...they'll make a pile of money off you...mentioned in my Chronicles..knowledge was sprayed..

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