Friday, June 26, 2015

The Situation Is Critical / Out Of Control

 The situation was *Out Of Control*   I was *Going In* but ear shattering gunshots exploded..

I tried to get away!!  but the battery was dead in the old school Oldsmobile Delta 88; damn!! the cables were corroded..

I tried to run a play like armchair quarterbacks!! thought I had Delta Force types rolling up on Bin Laden but we were just a bunch of busters! we even got on the bus / rode it / the 86 Lithonia like OutKast talked about!! but you've heard the cliche!! they'll throw you under the bus...

It's not Thursday but we've got drama throwbacks from Ferguson / Baltimore to Charleston South Carolina; what's the slogan? no peace / no justice....

Pardon me!! damn!! I've got it backwards!!  it's no justice no peace!!  but same sex marriage proponents will think otherwise..

Meanwhile some are starting with me!! some said I was hustling backwards!! they're trying to sweat me and my peeps with deadlines and timeframes!! who was it? it was the wise and otherwise!! 

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