Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Trying To Do Too Much

What's really going on? like Tiger Woods struggling I guess we're all trying to do too much

*Danger zone residents*  know it's tight in these hoods!!  from Ferguson / Baltimore to McKinney Texas we find out how complex the sport is!! who will come through in the clutch?

*Brothers gonna work it out*  per Willie Hutch!! deliberate falsehoods will be rebuked!!  Cynthia McKinney for president instead of Hillary Clinton?

We continue to put this good word out along with the brand new funk, spots will get nuked by O-Dog!! Atomic Dog like George Clinton!!

Hazardous Material per thought and fashion police? naw man!! no arsenic, chrome or lead!!  this material contains cuts, samples, snares, kicks, 808's plus the Good Word;  spiritual materials we have for ya!!

Mechanical Engineering is going down!! the style is blue collar!! you'll get good work from a brotha..

Not influenced by social engineering; it's not all about a dollar like HSBC!!  I'm not trying to play it that way..

Not acting brand new with this!! power steering utilized in the Mothership!! When we dip down I-20 in Atlanta we'll  just play this like Barry White / R.I.P / Let The Music Play...

How are you trying to play?  this brotha trys to get scientific with it, trying to multitask, but was I trying to do too much?

Noticed that's how some on earth are;  we'll make The Simple Complex, the apparatus made us rush...

....As we roll up with the next; but haters will roll like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity  throwing salt in the game...

Some of us are out here trying to do too much; what's up y'all? next you know we're caught up in the system / matrix / game..

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