Tuesday, June 30, 2015

They Weren't Trying To Play Fair

Life Goes On;  it doesn't quit and it doesn't stop!! but the devil and his advocates stay busy!! those folk won't let you rest..

The toil and strife goes on; it's out of control!!  ear shattering gunshots exploded!! snipers we're on top of the building taking shots at this player!!  damn!! I was just trying to chill / trying to test..

The melting pot continues to boil!! but Swiper was still swiping even though Dora told him not to!! he wasn't stopping or yielding, now banks in Greece will go under!!

Now the Greek will default on loans; please!! in the meantime and between time O-Dog will adjust bass, treble and tones!! but not on the radar, more like under!!

O-Zone? he wasn't at ease!! I wasn't in Black Greek fraternities plus I didn't answer to the Worshipful Master at the Masonic Lodge, so felonious accusations are met!! they want to see me go under!! accused of being *Armed and Dangerous* by the thought and fashion police!!
Left the danger zone!! I found realms, portals and dimensions that we're open; I'm trying to get open like Steph Curry in the playoffs shooting threes!!

Knowing how the sport goes!! I didn't have a suit on with hard bottoms; wearing K-Swiss, old thrift store Roca-Wear jeans, plus I had a Louisville Cardinal jersey on..

But like Louisville playing Kentucky at Rupp Arena I knew these jokers weren't trying to play fair!! as I go there, on Candler Road in Decatur I ran into young "sport" he was like Young Jeezy, but for East Orange, New Jersey he "put it on"..

O-Zone? I'm writing this good word like software!! so what's up? check the codes, symbols, fragments, but I realize *everybody ain't able* the system had some minds stagnant!! they couldn't go with this workflow..

These brothas are Going In; actually we're in it now, up to our necks!! Win or Lose?  We're Going for what we know...

We know that these jokers won't play fair!! some even show their hands in this card game like Donald Trump!! but in the end we prevail..

We  continue to go there!! O-Dog will bring the beats that thump; O-Zone? I'll have a story to tell....

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