Monday, June 15, 2015

BreakBeat Scientific Chronicles PT.4

 These breakbeat scientific cartels aren"t back in the way!!  we already know it's no Gangsta's Paradise!!!

Not for Coolio; whatcha know? this brotha is going for what he knows!!  intergalactic with it!!  meanwhile, on earth? it's The New Type Gangster's paradise..

Economy is in a mess due to these parasites!!  morale is low so whatcha know? The Situation Is Out Of Control!! even  Rachel Dolezal types had to dip for a minute..

Please!! rights and privileges will get gaffled, now some look baffled like Cleveland Cavaliers; I thought they were in it to win it? 

We take it there with these insights after characters get assasinated!!  we're pondering The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space, playing it like we were on the International Space Station taking a space walk or two!! acting we like  knew!! now back down to earth...

Passed by Mars on my Odyssey;  it's not odd for me to take these Mystic Voyages;  I'm mysterious like Dr. Manhattan but actually down to earth...

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