Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We're Trying To Tighten Things Up

Ear shattering gunshots exploded!! plus people were running off at the mouth!! The Situation Is Out Of Control!! it was even high technical like spyware found at the Iran nuclear talks!! in light of what happened?  we'll have to step up security..

Listening to some old school soul music!! Tighten Up by Archie Bell and The Drells from Houston, Texas!! real music!! check the sound for the purity...

This mystic faculty drops knowledge on the old school, new school and next school;  we're intergalactic like an Atlantis space shuttle blasting off from Florida, monitored by Houston....

Security heightens as jokers get foul with me, an old fool, new fool or next fool was the epitome of a fanatic!! playing erratic like Cleveland Cavaliers?  but still winning? soon losing?

Tightening things up!! I'm not scared to do my job like Baltimore police officers!! choosing to take this assignment,  overcoming irrational fears!!  but of course it'll be a bit messy, life is like that..

Tightening things up after I checked the score!! choosing to take this assignment!! Going In, but actually already in it now, up to our necks; spiritual warfare? we continue to fight that..

The vibe was enlightening!!  like Vladimir Putin criticizing Ukraine sanctions I didn't like the climate so I left for a minute!!! now I'm back in it to win it as seminars were conducted....

Just got back!!  trying to see what condition my condition is in!! like the Syrian Electronic Army vs the US Army my website was under attack by those corrupted..

What's up with it?  we're trying to tighten things up!!  thought and fashion police said they'll fix it; we'll see..

Thought and fashion police were already trying to tighten things up!! my baby will be like Jessica Williams on the Daily Show rocking a McKinney Bikini..

Sonic Assaults are unleashed!! clashing with these fanatics on Local, National, International and Intergalactic fronts..

What you see? that's what you get!! joint by The Dramatics!! I told fanatics I'm not faking!! a brotha is breakbeat scientific with it!! for beats?  he still gathers and hunts



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