Thursday, June 18, 2015

Using The Vision PT.2

Taking a look at it, using the vision as we Visualized The Sequence / did the math;  so what did it look like?

I was out of sequence, on a different path, like Golden State Warriors I even thought I had the Last Laugh, but now I'm under attack, so you know I'll have a good fight..

...with this world; was this spiritual warrior in Conflict With The World because a different math was studied?

Dark Mystery Of Time and Space is pondered like the Philae Lander on Comet w67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, so what it do? a different wrath uncovered?

  I'll admit I blundered, some might not understand a brotha!! they say I was walking in deep doo doo!!  Nikes and Timberlands are muddied..

Sacred lands were plundered but I'm refusing to go under!! I'm using the vision!! cashing reality checks and making sound effects!! soon delivered to the masses but not by Fed Ex;  some find out the sport is complex so egos are left bruised / some left bloodied..

But I'm *Going In*  but unlike Donald Trump paying actors to appear at his campaign launch, this brotha will be slipping through the cracks, portals, realms and dimensions; I'm spanning the globe brainstorming..

Whatcha knowin? I thought you knew!! sounds will thump and this good word is dropped!!  dropping science like Pope Francis, plus Al Gore already telling you about global warming..

Heed this warning; some of these earthlings keep hating!! they will hit up churches like in Charleston!! soon it'll be like B.B. King (R.I.P) *The Thrill Is Gone*  some of these Americans are mad!!! the love affair is over...

Storm clouds approach, but  no penalties were called when a hater encroached!!  referees look the other way, they hope it'll soon be over...

The Game Is Over for some!! but these cats are using the vision to move forward..

 The blame is over for us!! it's not out fault!! these cats are using the vision to move forward!!

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