Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles; We're Still Riding Out

We're still riding out!! you can spot me dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, the saga / struggle continues...

Riding out in the hooptie, usually spotted where the truth will be!! I'll get here like Brenda Russell,  even if I have to get on the MARTA train at the Indian Creek station; the saga / struggle continues!!

Peeping game; will the truth be revealed like Charlie Hustle aka Pete Rose placing bets? history repeats, am I riding The Soul Train like Don Cornelius?  or is this Party Train like The Gap Band?

Please!! it's all game!! it's rough out here!! Dylann Roof types are in more than just Charleston knocking hustles , eating Burger King after dirty deeds were perpetrated!! please!! my peeps have been hated!! we need to close the gap man!!

Please!! it's all game!!  politicians will skate on you like an Olympian!!  those jokers are Shady Like Grady..

Shady Characters; old dude asked, could he get a witness? I stepped up after the system played me..

Who's fair with this? we should know the rules in love or war!! who's trying to fight the coach like Sean Diddy Combs did?

I was rolling on the 86 Lithonia bus out here on the East Side but it's easy to get thrown under the bus; no peace or justice!! I'm chilling out in the HoneyComb HideOut kid!!

Laying in the cut; Observing The Scene / now I'm Ready To Roll; I'm ready to rideout!! I'm on my way..

I'm not playing around with the corrupt!! I didn't roll like that when I was dipping down I-20!!

Knowing the system will test me; war crimes committed per launching offensives like in the Gaza Strip?

But there's Spiritual Significance In This Operation; knowledge I'll continue to flip..

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