Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles: Rolling At A High Velocity / Still Staying A Step Ahead

I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! I kept it moving, sliding through portals, realms and dimensions at a High Velocity..

I'm getting down!! who'll understand a bruh? I had the speed you need as energies flow from the New Moon in Gemini ; flowing through the galaxy..

What will the style be?  Ring of Fire like Johnny Cash the outlaw when The Brotha O slips through the cracks? earlier  West Coasting rolling down I-80 in Oakland, plus rolling down the Pacific Coast Highway; energy soaked from the Pacific Ring of Fire!!   

I let it rest, I wasn't bragging or boasting like my peeps from Oakland rocking the Golden State Warrior gear telling me it's all over for the Cleveland Cavaliers; the shot clock will expire!!

I didn't stress, even though I bump heads with agents of the empire on local, national, international and intergalactic platforms!! I'm cashing Reality Checks!! accepted everywhere like American Express...

But stranded on earth after the mothership crash landed! once riding the bus; Greyhound and Mega, the American Express..

Trying not to get thrown under the bus!! I stopped, dropped and rolled, slid into the hooptie, now I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! check out how I play it!!

Staying a step ahead!! out on I-20 in Conyers I ran into a couple of my homies; they gave me dap / a pound, but I told them I need another form of payment..

Staying a step ahead!! hustling like Donald Trump running for President? I'm at the arraignment!!  the pound is weak like the dollar / makes me wanna holla like Marvin Gaye "the way they do my life"...hey hey...

Staying a step ahead!! sounds thump up in the hooptie while rolling down I-20!! traffic was bad!! damn!! this is just Tuesday!!

But I blast through at a High Velocity!! I've got the speed you need!!  but I  see dude over in Conyers rocking the sweatshirt / hoodie in ninety degree weather!! but he didn't act like he knew me, I guess you can't catch what you can't understand!!

This bruh is intergalactic /  once a Deep Space resident;  when I came back to earth some things we're Lost In Translation / Transition, so I apologize; some can't understand...


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