Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Doing The Knowledge like Stanley Clarke and School Days

 Afternoon Jazz continues as we proceed and continue!! we're out here doing the knowledge like Stanley Clarke...

True indeed, these are School Days, we see how a fool plays as we recognize the pattern, others were misled and waiting in the dark...

The golden rule plays a major role, but bloodshed was used to validate it!! from Pluto / Mars / Saturn to here in the ATL it's going down...

From the Mideast to Ferguson / Baltimore reality is bruising and battering egos, the strong survive while the weak go down...

No justice no peace is heard son! more are losing instead of winning!! can't you see how it's going down?

We're peeping game, doing the knowledge, meanwhile we'll let Stanley Clarke school you with the sound!!

This is School Days from Stanley Clarke; Check out the players and the track..

Stanley Clarke - Bass
Raymond Gomez - Guitar
Gerry Brown - Drums
David Sancious - Keyboards

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Doing The Knowledge like Stanley Clarke and School Days

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