Tuesday, June 23, 2015

That’s Where They Lost Me PT.8 (Now I’m Holding On)

*I hear chain saws underneath this limb I’m holding on*

Hanging On A String, like that joint from Loose Ends I heard on KISS 104 here in Atlanta…

Hanging On A Limb!!  Morris Day and The Time’s Oaktree? I hear buzz saws!! is this the end for a brotha??

Once hanging out with them or those players that played on, but this is where they lost me; a hater even  plans to call the search off!!  Lord Have Mercy!!!!

Just Trying To Hold On!!  just trying to maintain!!  like Obama with his trade bill I’m trying to find somebody to work with me…

What’s really going on? I heard the belligerence  as the South debates the Confederate flag, but some are sold on it due to heritage; so who will inherit the throne??

Intergalactic Drama  , local, national, international; on all fronts? another fronts, they were agents of the Federation!!  meanwhile I search for the perfect beat like Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force; adjusting bass, treble and tone…
That’s Where They Lost Me PT.8 (Now I’m Holding On) | Whats Really Going On?

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