Monday, June 22, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles: Please!! They Still Had Us Coming and Going

 It's going down!! oh!! it's business as usual!! I'm still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!

It's going down!! per Dylann Roof manisfestos society will still act brand new with a ya!!  they'll even try to attack this brotha!! 

They said I was acting arrogant and aloof!! these manisfestos were considered spam by the thought and fashion police!!

I truth or dared it!! integalactic with it!! avoiding Federation stormtroopers, Hunger Game Peacekeepers and since I'm out here on I-20 in Atlanta? the Dekalb Police...

Due to karma? some will get what's coming to them, so I'm cutting folks some slack; I realize the only perfect entity is God...

It might alarm ya but they had us all coming and going!! meanwhile in the lab? O-Dog will break or cut up the track!! who will work with this squad?

Not the norm / something odd? that's how they played O-Zone even after these scattered and jumbled thoughts are collected..

Not in the storm? please!! spotting the Confederate flag flying in South Carolina is like raindrops falling on my head per BJ Thomas; disrespected...

Plus it's not warm!! new Ice Age? please!! who's fair with it? they've got us all coming and going!!  during the Critical Stage?  I'll pull the plug on it..

Straight from the outlet!! out of the wall!!! maybe like Michael Jackson off the wall with it...

Straight from the outlet store up on I-85 in Commerce after I took a detour from I-20!! not playing with much money so I'm rocking South Pole jeans, a Beverly Hills Polo Club Shirt and some scuffed up Timberlands..

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, still transmitting live!! not in the game trying to out score the opponent!!  I'm just laying back observing the scene; From Charleston to NYC /  Chicago to Detroit / From Ferguson to Baltimore the economy has turned cities into the new Western badlands..

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