Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Flow PT.4

Check the flow, on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; sometimes interrupted like Trump shutting down the government...

Check the flow, and how some of these jokers play; like Mitch McConnell in the Senate, some are corrupted!! our response? beats bump and this good word is dropped; my constituents are loving it!!

This concept is revisited like family reunions during the past holiday season; I even took a brief hiatus,  chilling out!!  that's how I had to play this sometimes. 

Now check the flow, fresh for 2019 and beyond Lord willing!! the saga / struggle continues,  plus those with the shady dealing similar to Trump / Russia  continue to play with some minds. 

The saga / struggle continues; William Barr running interference? you know the devil will oppose!!  minds will be taken on a trip. 

...Like the Teddy Riley remixed Boy George song;  boy you're wrong was what I was told!!  some were trying to flip.

What will the style be? boy please!!  we're kicking ass and taking names,  plus writing these quotes.

What will the style be? boy please!!  even though we didn't eat from the tree of knowledge we're kicking knowledge,  the mothership gets good mileage!! we were  up I-85 in Charlotte;  left Georgia where Bryan Crooked Kemp was stealing votes.

...same thing  was going down up in North Carolina District 9;   another District 12 Hunger Games situation? 

Check the flow, bow down to the Capitol?  especially if you lack capital, then the Matrix architect will fix the situation.

...along with bootleg mechanics; check the flow as we deal with these fanatics;  make sure defense mechanisms are up to speed.

Check the flow / dynamics as we write this scripture, similar to supposedly hiding the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt?  true indeed.

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