Friday, January 11, 2019

We're Focused Man!! PT. 10

Digital crate digging will continue on this Flashback Friday; that's what's up, beats will bump; we've got that Friday Feeling!!  we're focused man!!

Debating how I'm living like Chuck and Nancy vs Trump concerning the government shutdown? check the menu as we drop this good word, we'll expose the bogus;  man!!

Still hating? that's what's up with some though they act fancy!! some are loving it as the drama goes down!!  insight is gathered afterward;  the episode was a critical one. 

Showdown like Crucial Conflict per this Flashback Friday? oh yes!! conflicts were crucial, confusion was the mode!!  the condition was a pitiful one. 

It's going down!! even Mr T said he didn't pity one;  the fool was a punishment glutton. 

It's going down!! even the street committee with the word on the curb didn't fool with Gus or Herb; based on what occurred I even had to hit the reset button!!

Sweet!  2018 morphed into 2019!! we're focused man!! we continue enlightening the masses with this breakbeat science. 

Sweet!!  we're focused man!! fresh since 1982 when funk,  soul and breakbeats morphed into hip hop;  spotted the signs. 

...while rolling down the information highway;  these days similar to I-20 down here in Atlanta. 

Still getting down!! check the transportation / transformation;  public and private!! somebody might understand a brotha!

Still getting down!! we're focused man!! facing opposition like the National Enquirer vs Jeff Bezos?

Still getting down!! we're focused man!! dropping this breakbeat science before the shot clock expires on these Negroes!!

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