Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Flow PT. 5 (The HumpDay Extravaganza)

Check the flow, it's going down!! this good word is dropped plus sounds will bump; this is part of the HumpDay Extravaganza..

Check the flow, it's going down!! we're not shut down like the government with Trump loving it; somebody will understand a brotha!!

Check the flow, it's going down!! we're putting it down!! time and money are precious,  I hate to waste them.

Check the flow, it's going down!! it's a critical stage of development, we're caught up in a moment of time!! these quotes?  I cut and paste them.

Whatcha know? the details? the devil is up in them like Vladimir Putin up  in America's and Great Britain's business!! plus over in the hood,  for an urban wasteland patient was in the lab where social engineering was practiced.

Check the flow, even a so called urban legend was disputing the truth;  said working it all out is it a waste man!!  please!! jokers are ignored!! we're steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor where these breakbeat scientific principles are practiced.

Check the flow, though often accused of being arrogant and aloof; plus pardon the appearance,  society will fear this due to stereotypes.

Check the flow, thought and fashion police aren't fair with this!! we're accused of being void where prohibited!!  out in the void,  but we deal with it!!  ignored  analog  and digital stereo hypes.

Check the flow, per  the so called gig economy as my people try to survive; public / private transportation / transformation? bills paid up in an Uber or Lyft? 

Whatcha know? we're still out there on I-80 in Oakland or  I-20 in Atlanta; not on BART or MARTA!! but it's hard to transcend or transform in Sparta,  priorities will shift.

Whatcha know? please!! just check the paradigm shift, intuition is a gift as I visualize the sequence.

Check the flow as we go for what we know!! out here going for mine,  getting breakbeat scientific.

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