Friday, January 25, 2019

The Flow PT.7

Check the flow, even Roger Stone can tell you the game was changing / concepts rearranging;  it's easy to lose yourself. 

Check the flow from O-Zone, Flashback Friday concepts exercised but like the government shutdown the blame was shifting from one entity to another; sharing the wealth? 

Check the flow;  even Ted Cruz was called out by Michael Bennett for shedding crocodile tears!! questioning mental  / spiritual health?

Check the flow as we win and lose; jokers ignored the Man in the Mirror mentioned by Michael Jackson!!  they went on with their bad self! 

Who's bad per Michael Jackson per that Flashback Friday concept?  morale was low!!  damn!! check the flow!!  excuse me but  I'm not a joker or comedian so they'll have to help their self. 

Who's rad? up in the action, after sending up a prayer!! this dude is moving forward,  on to the next!! damn!!  remnants of the past were leaving due to the ongoing changes;  it's easy to forget yourself.

Check the flow, as I be myself!! the cloth I was cut from?  a different one!! belligerence shown when I cut my losses? 

Check the flow, the broth or elixir was drunk by another!!  ignorance shown by the corrupt? they'll get schooled like Nancy Pelosi is doing Donald Trump;  damn!! even Jesus was nailed to crosses. 

Another was affected by coin tosses,  now circumstances will propel them into the future whether they were ready or not.

 The affect?  being built or torn down by debatable circumstances;  a nefarious scheme or plot?

The affect? Aquarius season has some acting "some kind of way"; check the flow!!

Respect? influenza season is here!!  some are sick with it like Trump vs Venezuela,  waving a stick at them!! check the flow..

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