Sunday, January 27, 2019

Robert Glasper - Chant

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're chilling out with a smooth / chilled out / laid back vibe..

The saga / struggle continues; dealing with the uncouth, bad cards dealt by these gamblers out for a fast buck; the system paid back the tribe?

Government shutdown had my constituents suffering; plus websites were buffering after they were hit up by Wikileaks under Roger Stone's directions..

Loving the way we put it down? it's nothing, we're just doing what we do!! undergoing the winning and losing streaks per O-Zone's directions..

God is good throughout it all!! rolling up on these intersections after doing devotions / reflections while listening to this smooth track from Robert Glasper called Chant

Check out the players and the track!! emotions under control due to the smooth track!! grasping this concept before a hater circumvents..

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