Sunday, January 06, 2019

Brass Construction - The Message (Inspiration)

Sunday Jazz Continues, so my constituents should know what's on these menus...

Jazz funk / soul jazz / disco jazz / jazzdance; out here taking a chance as the saga / struggle continues...

Spazzing in these venues? naw, we're just rocking them!! haters were hustle knocking in them so we provide the rebuttal..

Razzing jokers in these venues? they were rolling like Trump with the government shutdown; now some kind of national emergency was mentioned by these armchair quarterbacks in the huddle

...even though my constituents affected by the shutdown are in a state of emergency with no paycheck coming in..

We're dealing with it, check how we put it down!! who'll work with me? check the sound,  like Brass Construction we deliver  The Message (Inspiration)

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