Tuesday, January 08, 2019

We're Focused Man!! PT. 8

Broadcasting live from Atlanta on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; it's a blessing to be here but things can go either way..

Forecasting the weather live like Al Roker, it's gonna be rough on a foul joker!! even if they address the nation like Trump concerning the wall; it won't matter what you have to say!!

Beat's are blasting, they'll thump y'all, plus this good word is dropped; we're focused man!!

Like Clemson blasting Alabama we know we'll face the drama; it's introduced by the bogus man!!

There's not a problem that O-Dog aka O-Dizzle can't fix,  because he can do it in the mix

...plus O-Zone does the math in this zone as he gets breakbeat scientific. 

Danger zone business? like the government shutdown I see some breaking it,  now bootleg mechanics act frantic. 

...they called for backup,  but some are slack "up in this piece"; we can't depend on a shade tree mechanic! 

We're back up in this thing after a brief hiatus!! 2019? different tools of the trade are utilized,  different systems and mechanisms. 

Different fools and their charades are surprised by the complexity when things looked simple;  now showing pessimism.

Different rules preyed upon the masses who were prize chasing;  now per the holiday credit card debt they're caught up in the system / matrix

Different schools of thought are played;  old school / new school and next school!! we're focused man, so we had to made a break for it.

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