Tuesday, January 01, 2019

We're Focused Man!! PT. 7

Per this New Years Day? it's on!! 2018 has morphed into 2019; it's going down!! we're focused man!!

All up in the sport, trying to put it down!! some of my NFL coaching constituents find out how rough it is!! so how will we approach this, man? 

My mission? I didn't abort it!! I took a brief hiatus but I'm still getting breakbeat scientific!!  I had a manifesto dropping it with zest bro! 

My mission? I didn't abort it!! rolling down I-20 here in Atlanta to up I-85 in Charlotte, asking;  what's the prognosis?  then analyzing the information!  reality had a test for a bro! 

My mission? I didn't abort it!! conceptualizing, through prize chasing!!   I told the homie chasing money is like chasing the wind. 

That was per Ecclesiastes 2 :11, but it went over their heads!! maybe like sporadic gunfire that exploded from Syria to your city check the mass hysteria;  the situation is  out of control like the O-Dizzle track / blend. 

We're focused during these debates!! similar to concerns towards the government shutdown? so who's asking,  what's the prognosis?  distractions made some reach a state of comatose after the "okey doke" 

One who hates is loving it!! administering lethal doses from lethal weapons per Mel Gibson and Danny Glover? my constituents will run for cover  from Beatties Ford Road in West Charlotte to Candler Road in Decatur;  it'll over for a bloke. 

..or two;  act like you knew!! but how are some of my constituents living?  Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino told you this is America.

 What it do / what's the prognosis?  we analyze the information,  so who's fair with ya?

Some said they're over this, but that's not the attitude to have as a new year arrives..

We're focused man!! that's the deal!! this dude is taking it to the next level; check how a dude prevails / survives!!

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