Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Transcend and Transform (Concepts Revisited)

Winds of change are blowing;  some might quit like Newt Gingrich; so who will transcend and transform? 

Its the act of the greatest courage; but haters will try to discourage then try to apologize like Metta World Peace...or like that Marine who criticized Obama on Facebook..but its all leading to glitches in the were caught out there in the storm! 

Whose face to face with a crook? like TSA screeners at was the dorm or palace is under attack!! the arch nemesis is on the premises; no justice no peace is the catch phrase!

Warm hearts turn cold; not affected by global politicians make empty promises; warning!!  peep the catch phrase! 

As I catch Taurus Sun Rays while I write this..meanwhile in the hood authorities dip in the Ford Taurus; the blue light is flashing! 

Whose for or against us? like Israel peeping Iran's nuclear program;  with titans we keep clashing! 

At the same time Transcending and Transforming; soon cashing out like its Las Vegas! 

Blending the funky beats; O-Dizzle is a funky kind of soul brotha;  plus O-Zone is brainstorming; we're lashing out at those that fake us!

Sending messages out in the songs; hopefully transforming the masses! 

Taking passages of the spiritual variety..intergalactic...out past Pluto and Mars... where will you spot me? at the moment conducting funk seminars and classes!

Still in the ATL ...up in Charlotte / Louisville / Newburg...ghetto passes haven't been revoked...

We refuse to fail...also worldwide...from London to Johannesburg..but with the system? we never merged...still hitting game winning we transcend and transform...we never choked..

Check out the Transcend and Transform Mix..

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