Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Resistance

Power bar eaters and energy drinkers tried to flex; rolling like Kobe or Kevin Durant;  but they meet resistance! 

Last hour or minute heroics take Deniece took a miracle..but we kept showing persistence! 

Knowing the belligerence would wear thin...word from Biden to Romney...what will the response be?  lame duck administrations will try anything! 

...Knowing we could deal with this; thought and fashion police were just lame ducks trying to cause a ruckus; check the drama they bring! 

Flowing down the stream of consciousness...a combo of a fashionista and Sandinista! 

On the team I'm a combo guard; playing the one and two spot ...making it hot like a Monterrey fiesta! 

....On this dream like white on rice!!! living it!! the rest of it was just an illusion! 

We were told about the matrix;  "it ain't nothing nice" peeps are caught up in it; the chaos and confusion! 

We found a portal to slide through..spectators ask me what it do?  please!! they're all up in it! 

......All up in my steelo; peep the funky type of soul brotha...they should see I'm in it to win it! 

Whose up in it...with the cloak and dagger style?  a dimwit was trying to throw salt in the game!

Cloaks of  invisibility are used when we roll up with the resistance; as we sonic assault the game!

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