Sunday, April 29, 2012

There's Still No Rest For Weary PT.2

There was no rest for the weary..word from residents of Syria;  so why did they expect it? 

Even though the Lord blessed us..for some the outlook is still bleary; like Christians attacked in Nigeria...especially after being disrespected! 

I disconnected from the mainframe...disappearing like Venus will in June..intergalactic voyages taken out beyond Pluto / Mars...a free agent in the game; but its easy to get locked out like the NBA was!

Errors were corrected..the game knowing what the deal O-Dizzle rocked out....he's creating a buzz! 

Terrorists infected the system; whose caught up in it? why are they hating on cuz? I was just putting work in...trying to hunt and gather! 

Whose fair with this love or war platform? whose quick to knock the hustle? quick to pull a stunt...putting missiles on rooftops like in London? how was I responding?  I had this math for ya! 

This science is not that normal programming that your usually spoon fed!

 Minds were taken on a trip like Boy George mentioned..assisted by Teddy Riley; whose waiting in the dark with others who are being misled? 

Lines of folk were shaken!!! there's no rest for the weary!! they're tripping like Dr Timothy Leary with the LSD. 

The caste of thousands heard me? as I let you know what the deal will be!

Silly of think that I....could find justice and peace..dealing with these earthlings...

There's no rest for the weary...its like gun battles with FARC..or even gun battles in the neighborhood park..check out how these jokers work things....

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