Saturday, April 21, 2012

Were Still Asking....Whats The Prognosis?

Were all up in the spot running tests on the patient like a doctor! 

Whats the prognosis? might have to administer doses; Dr. O-Dizzle is a Funky Type Of Soul Brotha....he's the chief rocker!

 O-Zone is deep like Davy Jones Locker...or out there in deep space like the Lyrid Meteor Shower...putting it down until the last hour....just got back from Mars / Venus...he chose this assignment like Bobby Brown; its his prerogative!

But danger zone residents chose their poison; some jokers even used a feeding tube... lethal doses were taken; but tests show a false positive!

Clones believed the false prophet; especially after the grape kool aid was drunk! 

Like Pakistan drones destroyed the legacy.....but these brothas escape; cool with it!!!! now dropping this brand new funk! 
Whats up man? I'm delayed in Atlanta traffic behind the Subaru Legacy with Bush / Cheney stickers on it! 

Whats up man? an Atlanta fanatic aka urban legend dipped in the 90's model Acura Legend from back in the day; now its broke down on I-285 with stickers on it!

ATLiens talk about how Mike Vick was on it when he was here; they still wear the red number seven! 

Now he's putting it down in Philly....whats the deally? they ask me how I'm living? 

Whats the deally? whats the prognosis? told them I'm dealing with it...but I had to analyze the information! 

Whats the deally? I chose this assignment.....dropping breakbeat science; check the transformation!

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