Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Terrific / Terrible Tuesday / So I Started Another One

Whats the deal? like Anders Behring Breivik ....these folk are trying to start something.....so in response I started another one! 

....On this Terrific / Terrible Tuesday....what will the news be? please!! life is hectic....it gets way too real!! like 21% of New Yorkers being poor;  some are fascinated when they see another come undone! 

Please!! check the score...it's like the Wizards beating the Bulls.. the knockout punch will stun others; so now moves are tentative!

Please!! witches and wizards mesmerize fools...meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock out!! he's a funky type of soul brotha....while O-Zone will let you know the deal with it! 

Snitches work their wizardry....was Sarkozy trying to sell Qaddafi a nuclear reactor? word from an actress or actor...as plans fizzle;  it all goes up in smoke after the bomb is dropped! 

Offensive fouls were called when I drove to the hoop; but the defender flopped! 

Plus the defender hacked me like Metta World Peace...but this sonic defender dropped knowledge; minds I was trying to spark! 

Time caught up with some...in this world?  no justice or peace...they found that out while they were waiting in the dark! 

Crimes were perpetrated...like Secret Service sex scandals..what was done in the dark was revealed in the light!

.....those that hated ended up coming undone; I knew they weren't right! 

Cosmic Karma straightened everything out; like this and like that! 

We cosmic slopped; breakbeat science is dropped...its like this and like that!

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