Wednesday, April 11, 2012

They Were So Predictable

Peeping game; doing the knowledge...some of these folk are so predictable! 

That could be or good or bad Charles Manson a dangerous man? check the knowledge I kick to you! 

...Soon facing charges like George Zimmerman...whats up man? meanwhile we were out there might sound sick to you; but the mothership gets good mileage! 

Rolling out beyond Pluto, Mars and Saturn; now back down to earth...knowing how foul it'll get! 

The Dramatics said what you see is what you get; but I don't like what I'm looking at! 

Next level dramatics Bobby Petrino...whose caught out there? chefs were in hells kitchen with the recipe for disaster; all up in the spot is where they're cooking at! 

Central booking; that's where so called authority figures try to flex muscles! 

They're so predictable!! but down the stream of consciousness is where a brotha will flow with these next hustles! 

But the simple is made complex;  hustles get knocked...the system is so predictable!

 ....Every now and then they try to throw us for a loop; check the knowledge I kick to you!

Wishing it was simple..but of course its not....but its we dip like Alec Baldwin leaving 30 Rock... 

But we bring it we pimp through the spot..launching the Sonic Assault....just like North Korea launching rockets  check it heard me? O-Dizzle will rock...

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