Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fronting / Swagging; But Soon Subject To The Authority

They were running the race....fronting / swagging...but just like Rick Santorum they'll have to drop out...

Others were running up in my face..cloak and daggering..slick with it...points? they think they're scoring...check the attitude....but like Bobby Petrino they'll get fired...meanwhile we stay inspired..check the O-Dog Podcast; we're putting jazz, funk and hip hop out..
Meanwhile dude was flamboyant; acting like he was up on it!! cruising down Glenwood Rd in Decatur, Georgia...up in the Lincoln Navigator!

But soon subject to the authority...but check me out; this dude is clairvoyant...I'm peeping game; please!! I've been hood!! representing Louisville / Newburg; hip to the charades perpetrated by a hater!

Whose caught up in the system?...soon like George Zimmerman's attorneys quitting...your without representation..whatcha facing? an irrelevant issue debater will have us all subject to the authority! 

Whose caught up in the system?  suspended like Ozzie Guillen; were residents of the danger zone subjects of the drama royalty?

Drama kings and queens annoy me!! like Mark Cuban confronting Lamar Odom...whatcha know man?  I don't let it get the best of me! 

...Troops I deploy to the frontlines to fight this spiritual warfare!! the lab is like a Space X launching pad..but I'm realizing there's no justice or peace there's no rest for me! 

...Asking the Lord...is this a test for me?  as I deal with the madness! 

...Spotted wannabe power brokers with their game face on..as they come back with this! 

Coming back with this that and the other!! its always going to be something! 

The funky drummer is drumming!! plus we have this good word; rebuking those that "wannabe starting something"

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