Saturday, April 07, 2012

I Started Another One / While I Was Caught In A Moment Of Time..

Caught In A Moment of time; a critical stage of development? whats the deal with it? I was able to start another one!

Soon I'll slide through the portal; one step ahead of haters trying to patch me in the matrix; they want to see me come undone! 

Knowing how this sport will go....they want to see me crash and burn like that jet in Virginia Beach...whose fake with it? please!! were coming out fresh with a brand new batch; check how the message in the drum will let you know what it do!

Knowing how this sport will screech in the hooptie after the caper...others will fake it until they make it; trying to make a comeback like Tiger Woods...acting like they knew! 

Whatcha going through? I took a ride through the hood in the hooptie; rolling down Candler Rd in Decatur the moment not too much was shaking! 

Caught in a moment of time...whose in their prime? avoiding hostile takeovers like Illumina... had to admit some were doing too much faking!

Spotted jokers dipping in the old Chevy Lumina..with Ohio tags...from Cincinnati....meanwhile these Sonic Assaults are unleashed; a joker might say were doing too much beatbreaking and good word dropping! 

Those that are caught up in the system / matrix...dealing with Illuminati....are surprised were going for broke; as we come with another one...we weren't quiting and we weren't stopping!

The funky drummer will drum....the black ink will hit the loose leaf...influenced by whose belief? please!! I didn't drink the kool- aid... 

Refusing to come undone...I was wise to the whole set up!! knew the deal in Babylon....a lot of games are played...

Meanwhile in Yemen gunman have some on the run...while Macs are attacked by the Flashback Trojan...

Whats the deal man? I had a chance to write another one....others sold out...they need to give the drank, weed and the cash whatcha know man?  

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