Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Hardship

Conditions are harsh.... check out the emergency....will we sink like the Titanic? this is a hardship!

Petitions start with Lord Help! Lord Help!! after the vehicle wrecks out who will work with me?  or will they come with the hot mess...and continue to start it? 

Were in the heart of it; the danger zone....its like Syria...were all up in the spot! 

Going through the hardship; ..on the frontline of the war between the have and have nots!

All up in the did they try to play us?  like its nothing...they thought we fell back!

Check the weather forecast..what it do? act like you knew!! as tornadoes blast Oklahoma...whatcha know bruh?  its about to get hot!!! the Sonic Assault will repel a haters attack!

Jokers say whatever!! breaking out of prisons like in Pakistan;
sentences were imposed or self imposed...others get blasted on or jacked out there in the gray area! 

Issues get prayed and fasted on after some face the mass hysteria! 

Drama lovers truth or dare ya like the Taliban in Afghanistan!! now your facing the hardship!

Whats up man? this brotha will govern himself accordingly; I already knew what it do...all up in the heart of it!

Whats up man? why did they start it? they tried to shut us down like Megaupload..... 

Whats up man? whose facing the hardship? but knowing the Lord is controlling things from Alpha to we stay in a "prayed up" mode....

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