Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You'll Get Played

The database was hacked!! information was manipulated before I could get to it!

 Rat race dog eat dog participants didn't take Mr Cole's advice!! now Windows are populated; database administrators act like they knew it! 

We're all up in the spot!! its crazy..even the Jet Blue pilot will plead insanity...the spot is populated by winners and losers as others go through it; Souls On Ice like Eldridge Cleaver mentioned!

 Brothas gonna work it out like Willie Hutch!! but it ain't nothing nice like Ward and June Cleaver; rights and privileges are soon suspended!

The wannabe executive wore the suit with suspenders; plus he rocked the bow tie! 

Whats the deally?  consecutive negative episodes rocked his world ......some were based on a lie! 

He tried a little tenderness like Otis Redding but he got played! 

Somebody lied!!!! now during the drive by history is repeating; he got sprayed!

Progress was jokers are drunk or weeded ....looking for prostitutes like Secret Service Agents...

You'll get played!! who loves you baby? word from Kojak!! even the coach will shove you like Paul Silas did Tyrus its no secret to how flagrant the game is..  

You'll get played!! its all game is the catch phrase...even Republicans have their reservations concerning Mitt Romney...

You'll get played..days will be rough like over in Sudan...whats up man? what will the response be?  



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