Saturday, October 26, 2013

Local National International and Intergalactic

 So whats up?  I had to tell homie I was all about peace like the Dalai Lama! 

Even though dude didn't know who he whats the buzz?  I told cuz unlike Ted Cruz...I was through with the drama! 

Check the attitude at the door with your coat and hat!! or get Mr Goodwrench to adjust it! 

Maybe Manny Moe and Jack;  please I go back plus move forward .......retro-futuristic! 

Word from this mystic!! who'll understand me as I go ballistic? unlike Sergio Munoz in the Mojave Desert...check the Sonic Assault as I blast on jokers...I was spotting drama from a galaxy away!

....left the solar system like Voyager One...seeing how other folk were living how did they play? 

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