Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Elaborate Fantasy PT.2 (The Scripture and Mixture )

 Check these insights...check the scripture...is it based on inspecting construction sites;  like UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria? 

 Elaborate fantasies are built.....check the elixirs / mixtures;  whose disrespecting?  a corrupt ones insights are contaminated like the air in  China...Greyjing / Beijing? ...who brings the chaos and confusion?  the mass hysteria? 

Who collaborates with the arch nemesis when they're on the premises?  now history repeats itself!!  like all the slave movies  put out by Hollywood! 

Who elaborates like O-Zone with the good word?  is he misbehaving?  so whats good? 

So whats hood?  some continue to represent!! moves are made!! but some are reluctant! 

So whats hood?  man..its rough out here!!  please!! check out  the information overload...the database is corrupted!
Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Elaborate Fantasy PT.2 (The Scripture and Mixture )

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