Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daylight / Others Were Misled...Waiting In The Dark..

Some were misled...they were just following instructions;  they were told to wait in the dark! 

I was looking towards the east at the sunrise;  daylight is breaking!!  but some are like  House Republicans still following corrupt ones!! now hatred they spark! 

...Plus I hate it when a dog barks up the wrong tree due to improper training!

Plus I don't debate it..not disputing the truth; I'm dedicated to it wrong of me?  please!!  O-Dog is putting it down proper!! he's maintaining! 

Jokers were running from the devil per the Ohio Players;  but he was gaining on them!! soon he overtakes them! 

Vladimir Putin couldn't Nobel Peace jokers like me kept on running..damn it got lonely out there!!  but O-Dizzle goes there!! beats?  he breaks them! 

Please...I'm keeping my eye on the prize...jokers like me kept on shooting / gunning like Russell Westbrook!

But jokers kept on looting the Treasury like government contractors ...well..some might lose due to the shutdown..but some turned out to be bad actors per Eric Snowden and even Aaron Alexis..there's no rest for a crook! 

O-Dizzle is the next with this...Doing What He Does...going for what he's knowing!!! after seeing some hook lines and his own beats were weapons that are used! 

It gets complex!!  wishing it was simple!! but we stay in flight ...through the galaxy we cruised!

Daylight is used the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries will illuminate...

"Y'all ain't right" ..thats what I tell those that used and abused the masses...fooling them..they're not fair with this...they're just full of hate... 

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