Sunday, October 20, 2013

Low Key / Laying In The Cut PT.6

Whats the deal? I'm low key with it... damn!! your dude is just laying in the cut! 

It gets real like extension of the outback chronicle theme my team takes a break from dealing with the corrupt! 

Like Republicans vs whats up man?  just chilling...but in a few days it'll be on and popping!! plus Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio! 

The drama is local national international or whats up man? please!!! its rough out here!! but you should know how the sport will go! 

No benevolence from referees and officials..please!!  like Tigers from'll be called out on strikes!

The devil is in the details..hoping one fails...soon were all caught out there but can't get there..especially out in the Bay Area!! due to BART strikes! 

What part do Facebook likes play in the whole scenario?  you can even buy them...but some say its a way to show love! 

What it do?  face to face with a crook when I approach the set?  that's how they play me!! so whose showing love? 

Feelings and emotions are shown like pushing and shoving under the basket;  the NBA  is soon kicking off as I right this!!

Not through dealing!! just laying in the cut..that's how I play this;  spiritual warfare?  a brotha will fight this!

Not through dealing ...showing jokers where the light is...of course they were waiting in the dark...

In the meantime...just chilling...laying in the cut like I was parking lot pimping..vehicles in park..

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