Tuesday, October 22, 2013

RARE ELECTRO HIPHOP Non Stop Mix “Rare Groove Vol.1

Digital Crate Digging Continues…….last epsiode was modern day drum and bass…Now I’m “going old skool on them” checking out this RARE ELECTRO HIPHOP Non Stop Mix “Rare Groove Vol.1 from DJ M-TRUE FRESH   …check out the playlist and the phat max!!

01.I CAN’T WAIT(Extended Mix) / Nu Shooz
02.LOVERIDE(M-true Dubride) / Nuance featuring Vikki Love
03.ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY(M-true Remix) / Vesta Williams
04.BYE-BYE(M-true Remix) / Janice
05.I WONDER IF I TAKE YOU HOME(M-true Dub) / Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
06.SIDEWALK TALK(M-true Remix) / Jellybean featuring Madonna
07.EIGHT ARMS TO HOLD YOU(M-true Dub) / Goon Squad
08.PICKIN’UP PIECES(M-true Remix) / Brenda K Starr
09.STOP PLAYING ON ME(M-true Dub) / Nuance featuring Vikki Love
10.HONEY TO A BEE(M-true Remix) / Tina B
11.LET THE MUSIC PLAY(M-true Remix) / Shannon
12.TAKE A CHANCE(M-true Dubapella) / Nuance featuring Vikki Love
13.FUNKY LITTLE BEAT(Edited Version) / Connie
14.THE FACTS OF LIFE(M-true Dub) / Tim Greene
15.THE AGE OF THE ATOM(Tuff-Ruff Mix) / Bionic Force
16.WHAT PEOPLE DO FOR MONEY(M-true Remix) / Divine Sounds
17.THE ROOF IS ON FIRE(Short Version) / Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three
18.THE UNBEATABLE DREAM(M-true Remix) / Akeem The Dream
19.THE BEACH(M-true Remix) / Afrika & The Zulu Kings
20.HIT THE BEACH(M-true Beach Mix) / Butter Rum
21.SALLY THAT GIRL(M-true Street Mix) / Gucci Crew II
22.SUPERSONIC(M-true Miami Mix) / J.J.Fad
23.PUSH IT(M-true Remix) / Salt-N-Pepa
24.WILD THING(Short Version) / Tone Loc


RARE ELECTRO HIPHOP Non Stop Mix “Rare Groove Vol.1 | Whats Really Going On?

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