Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Outback Chronicles (Concepts Are Revisited )

 We were rolling!! all over on Candler Rd in Decatur!! aka the "Dec"  part of the I-20 Chronicles!

 Now were back at the we get down!! chilling outside on the deck.....check these Outback Chronicles! 

Concepts are government shutdown jokers act like a clown.... like Ted we come with the sound / the this good word is on deck!! its the response / repercussions for these and those that bring the drama! 

Jokers come around on all fronts!!  they want us to lose!! check the local national international and intergalactic drama! 

The economy broke us...losing money like JP Morgan?  not one who fronts or flexes!! but I maintain!! not in my pajamas out in public like some of these clowns! 

The economy broke us!!  but a bruh gathers and hunts!! even though Koch Brothers and Republican types fronts on us!!  they'll shut it down!!  just a bunch of clowns! 

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