Sunday, October 13, 2013

The I-20 Chronicles / Dipping On Them / On To The Next

We were rolling!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta;  were on to the next! 

We were rolling!!  dropping info like the Fifth Estate ...but no snitching...understand?  another was wishing it was simple..not complex! 

We were rolling!!  out here on Candler Rd in Decatur!! spotted little homie trying to pimp through ...damn!! like Abu Anas al-Libi he was rolling foul! 

Rocking the American Eagle hoodie!! weed smoke drifting out of Dodge Charger!!  playing with the cell phone! hitting the speed dial! 

Whose knocking the hustle? legal eagles who can't even get the government open?  I didnt charge or rush in!! hip to what the American Dream will do!! I even had to dial back on my maneuvers!

Still rocking this though!! Doing What I Do!!  check the bum rush from my team!! rushing in like Cyclone Phailin!!  check the style...doing what behooves us! 

Locking this down with the drum and good word!! God moves us in mysterious ways! 

Rocking the heard?  but some say the Sonic Assault we bring is Hazardous Material..but what we have is spiritual...nothing mysterious about the sounds O-Dizzle plays..

We're following God's steps..making moves!! history in the making!! heroic like the Agents of Shield! 

NSA types were watching our steps!! but we know what the deal is!! its like the African Union vs The ICC or the International Criminal Court....flagrant agents want us to yield! 

But from West Coasting out in Oakland...back  to the ATL..on up to Louisville..we build a conglomerate! 

No bragging or boasting!! authentic...real with it when we dip down I-20....on to the next...check out what we come with!

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