Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Regular Rotation PT. 4 / The Hits Keep Coming

Check out the regular rotation....just like the DJ putting in work at your favorite radio station;  the hits keep coming! 

DJ O-Dizzle is putting in work....unlike Republicans with the government shutdown..meanwhile O-Zone has a regular vocation!! ....not a running back going up the middle where the hits keep on coming!

.....from linebackers,  cornerbacks, and safeties shutting it down!! plus the hits keep coming from reality! 

Reality checks are cashed...so called real ones clashed...brain and mind racking!! the hits keep coming!!  some blame it on the Uranus Pluto Square..if your hip to astrology!

 BDP Philosophy when we go there?  O-Dizzle will keep drumming while O-Zone drops this good word! 

This philosophy is based on breakbeat scientific principles;  you heard?

 Everybody ain't able to deal with it!!  they're caught up in the system / matrix ...the regular rotation! 

Everybody ain't stable!! check out how they fake it... the media programmed them!!  its got them thinking they're this or that!!  word from a brotha with a regular vocation!

Everybody didn't believe the fable...please!! we already knew that was mamby pamby land type of business...

Its rough out here...check the regular rotation...the hits keep coming..as we deal with the realness..

But we continue to go there..knowing what the deal is..now catching wreck!! sonic vindication is the antidote..

We continue to go there...check the weapons..using a beat and a quote....

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