Sunday, October 13, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Going All Out

 I'm all up in the spot...going all out!! authentic with it..check out how I'm putting it down like Walter White....catch me in the lab! 

I'm all up in the spot!! I even had the shootouts with the enemy!! those  down with the apparatus or evil entity!! check the ultimate revenge like ATLiens that smash and grab!

I'm all up in the spot where jokers check themselves out of rehab like Lamar Odom!! but now that odor is on them!! weed,  meth, or  another synthetic product? 

...might even be white or brown liquor...true indeed!! check a fanatics conduct! 

You know these fanatics are corrupt!! like Republicans that shut down the government! 

I ignore them like Harry Reid vs The Republicans!! rocking noise cancelling headphones!! flying through the galaxy above it! 

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