Saturday, October 12, 2013

Going Back The Way I Came PT.2

So whats up?  I was rolling down I-65 towards Louisville..was I defiant with this?   I'm going back the way I came! the ATL....its rough out here!! but a brotha will prevail while others fail; losing like the New York they couldn't get back into the game! 

...they were riding the bench / the pine;  the box score said it was due to the coach's decision!

...AKA the apparatus;  check the score / status;  addition by subtraction?  check out the local national international and even the intergalactic drama to eliminate the faction!! like boats capsizing off the shore of Sicily  ...others fall by the wayside due to attrition! 

Meals prepared by chefs in Hells Kitchen led to malnutrition;  its a foul situation! 

So whats up? deals were shady!!  profits shared by mafioso types on both sides of the aisle or those like G-20 sitting at the conference table?  damn!!  its a foul situation! 

Nathan Shady Deal type politicians stayed busy down here in Georgia!

Like Mitch McConnell types in Kentucky...whats up with me?  every now and then this brotha will have to break north;  headed to Louisville on some other other! 

What would a Louisville brotha do? is it similar to asking what Jesus would do? 

Acting like I knew....but I felt the pressure..checking out the karma..damn!! hoping I didn't burn bridges!! dropping this good word / knowledge is the rebuttal.. seeing what this thesis will do! 

Acting like I knew....not stopping!! like St. Louis Cardinals trying to win it all....I even went back the way I came!

I  wasn't quiting / wasn't stopping!! I kept it moving..winning championships like Louisville Cardinals...that's the way I play the game!

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