Saturday, October 19, 2013

Once Again Its On / Its Going Down Like This

I kept praying...knowing the Lord would order my steps!! now its going down like this!

 Unlike Louisville Cardinals I kept playing the game... like St Louis Cardinals... even though I don't play games!! I'm all about dropping this good funky is how the sound is! 

Whats the deal?  you found this brotha typing this good word at 11:11! 

Revising it at 1:11 ...jokers ask..whats up with him? back in the day I was all up in Louisville in Victory Park rolling the dice..had a winning streak going!!  then I rolled seven! 

LMPD have it locked down benevolence..even Tina Turner said we didn't need another hero! the old school baptist preacher mentioned false idols and hero worship;  even if the hero was once a zero! 

So whats up?  Negro please was the response to how I work it!!  as we put it down like this!

 So whats up?  spiritual warfare is going down...look around;  that's where the fight is! 

....from suburban green meadows to where the urban blight is!!  on out beyond the stars in the galaxy! 

Its going down like this!!  breakbeat scientific is how the style will be!

Its going down like this!! foul will be style of Tea Party Republicans business groups will knock their hustle.. 

Its going down like this!! can a brotha get down per Craig Mack?  please!! ..they'll want to see you caught out there like Bill Russell..

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