Monday, October 14, 2013

Its Rough Out Here PT.2

Damn!!  like analyzing the Nairobi Mall attack..a lot of us can bear witness to how rough it is out here! 

Jokers will roll up on the Capitol like Miriam Carey!! (R.I.P.) damn!!  they'll take us there! 

Plus a lot of folk are fake out there!!! I'm down here in Atlanta with  Mariah Carey or Jay Z wannabes!!  Hollywood style!! when it "ain't even about that" 

Wannabe players choke out there!!  not like David Ortiz...please!! earlier they mentioned they were the hottest in the hood  per Red Cafe..said they were going all out for that! 

....Soon finding out its not all this or that!! the American Dream a nightmare? China said the world needed to be de-Americanized!!  I'm not was hard to see in the smoke and mirrors! 

A fresh view / fresh vision is needed to peep game...that way your  easily spotting the horrors and terrors! 

Act like you knew!!  like Congress fixing the government shutdown; as we get we share this with the masses!!

....As we put it down like this!! like unions not shutting down BART ..not this time...were too busy conducting seminars and classes! 

Whats the deal?  as we experience the real!!! some will find out  class is in session! 

Reality is letting us know how real it is!! you didn't know? you better find it!! meanwhile  we fight back with the sonic aggression!

Reality is letting us know how real it is...some are Walking Dead; but its not the TV series..check the mess were in...its a hot one...

Word from this hot messenger..letting you know what the deal is...its rough out time for playing...I'm not the one..

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