Thursday, October 17, 2013

So Whats Up? I'm Still Posted Up Like Hakeem Olajuwon

So Whats Up? Once again its on!!  I'm still  posted up like Hakeem Olajuwon! 

...Trying to show Dwight Howard how to do it!!  Kareem tried to do it...but  I guess it wasn't on! 

As we continue to fight...far from a coward!! act like you knew!!  as the saga / struggle continues! 

Whats up Brotha O? that's what they ask me...I told them I'm trying to avoid chefs in Hells Kitchen with their ill menus! 

So whats up? O-Dizzle sends you messages in the songs..societies wrongs are rebuked! 

Rocking the number 20 Barry Sanders throwback as I write this!!  breaking cornerbacks and linebackers ankles!!  they'll get juked! 

Similar to an African dashiki?   similar to Derrick Rose on the ball court like he schooled all five Atlanta Hawks that night? similar to a so called African- Americans with the pain and suffering? 

The outlook?  bleak is how it'll be!!  like waiting on the website to come up! no high speed Internet!  so its buffering! 

The outlook?  bleak is how it'll be!!  Bufferin , Motrin or Aleve for the pain? 

 Losing or winning streak? please!!  I'm still posted up like Hakeem!  I still believe in I'm just trying to maintain!  

I'm posted up on Panola Rd in Lithonia...point guards don't know how to feed the post!! little homies cant make it rain up in the club!

 They're posted up waiting on the 117...or 86 Lithonia  bus Outkast talked about!! jokers were  rocking American Eagle and Hollister hoodies!! no American dreams or goodies...even though Atlanta is supposed to be the hub! 

The promised land where dreams are fulfilled!! or plots and schemes?  how were they posted up? 

The premises were invaded by the arch nemesis!!  like bread some will get toasted up!

The arch nemesis is on the premises..jokers will get roasted up in this piece...jokers were talking junk like Tea Party Republicans.. 

Empty promises are we put it down like this...points are scored...still posted up like Hakeem Olajuwon...

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