Sunday, June 07, 2015

Lab Techniques

It's Going Down!! check out the Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering; O-Dog enhances his lab techniques..

Throwing down in the lab; meanwhile the Brotha O-Zone will visualize the sequence...

What are the secret ingredients? G7 Summit participants will plot and scheme up on it while Colonel Sanders supposedly had his!! 

Progress? like Chicago vs Spike Lee per Chiraq some will impede this!! when we came back with this authorities say these materials are hazardous..

Going through some things!! you know how it go!!  this is part of  The Time / Natural Process..

God is not through with me yet per Albertina Walker, you should know the devil is a stalker!! believe me, I'm a work in progress..

Act like you knew this, but haters try to knock this!!  I Was Turned Away like Chuckii Booker...

Negotiations ongoing for my freedom? please!!  there's No Quid Pro Quo!! that's not how we'll work this!! that's how a crook would do!!

Instigations from ligitation? freedom per next level Book of Negroes type of movements are being made..

Investigations go down per these lab techniques; I see one but wouldn't want to be one!! some Negroes have lost their minds!! they're caught up in the system / matrix / charade!! 

New England Patriot types deflate the balls!!  officials/ referees make bad calls, soon facing  karmic repercussions...

Meanwhile, we're not acting brand new!! we're not faking it!! check out these lab techniques!!  O-Zone brings the Good Word / O-Dog has the percussions...

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