Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Next Episode Is Here...

As we proceed and continue!!! not keeping folks guessing like Lebron James..it's on to the next episode.

In the songs? messages are what we send you..when will the truth be told?

Strongholds are attacked with the Sonic Assault!! AKA the sword of truth.

Po Po folds warrants and indictments...playing it like Israel..they said it was the proof.

Whatcha know? God holds me down as long as I try to keep it righteous.

In other words? he's got me in his unchanging hands..why fight this?

We're using good words and brand new funk to light this!! check the tick tick boom.

Up in Louisvillle? good herb or weed is what Tony said he had!! said he got crunk like it was the ATL!! but then I heard boom boom!

This was not positive feedback!! dude said Tony operated like the Food Network..he had parsley and oregano.

Fire flashs back from the 38 after old dude fumbled to get to it!! so whatcha know?

Meanwhile the empire clashes back with those who strike it!! those who were tired of being stepped on.

The umpire clashes with players because of bad calls!! they'll get crept up on.

Whose bringing fire like Ohio Players? ...but they slept on your boy!! heard them say whatever!

Meanwhile the town crier promoted other players..word from Tiger Woods.. because they were supposedly cunning and clever.

Devil is opposed to me!! some ask why..because I took the sound higher like Sly and The Family Stone..the funky drummer is drumming.

It's the next episode!! Transmitting Live from Atlanta!! the so called promised land!! but I spotted some humming and bumming!!!

What kind of play is this brotha running? actually it's Part Of A Bigger Plan!!

Ready for the next episode...standing only 5-8...but with the heart of a bigger man...

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